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For the Université de Moncton, Student for a Day is one of the most important activities in the recruitment process. Being accompanied by a mentor from the same area of ​​interest, the future student can project himself into the future, and live the university experience.


Due to Covid-19, these recruiting activities have been canceled. It was therefore important to find a solution for the recruitment of the following year, which would allow students to get a taste of the student life that the Université de Moncton can offer.

Our Solution

By creating a platform with virtual tools, we knew we were able to offer a tour, similar to previous years, which would be done entirely online.


Our concept was divided into two parts:

1) The creation of a virtual campus map

This virtual map allows the student to view the campus as a whole, without having to travel to the site.

2) The creation of 3D videos

In order to virtually navigate the campus, and provide the full experience for the student, it was important to create 3D videos of all the buildings on campus.

During our strategy sessions, the client placed great importance on the consistency between our tools, and their current brand image.


It is with the clarity and precision of our wireframes that we were able to gain the confidence of the marketing department, in order to proceed to the next phase of the concept, the production of these virtual tools.

Our ultimate goal was to make the website very interactive, so that it came close to reality. To do this, we inserted points of interest on each of the campus buildings, which were on the map. By clicking on these, the student was redirected to a personalized 3D video of the building.

The Process

Whether it is residences, faculties or sports facilities, we had to think about the full range of services offered by the Université de Moncton, to improve the customer experience.


By being able to move from room to room, from faculty to faculty, we were able to create a virtual concept that resembles the usual visit, while creating a stimulating experience for the students.

The Virtual Tour

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