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Shediac Lobster Campaign

Campaign, Strategy, Video

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Company Description

A big variety of activities and experiences remain to be discovered and enjoyed in Shediac. The Town of Shediac created a brand, Experience Shediac, to promote its tourist attractions. Basically, Experience Shediac seeks to encourage tourist traffic in Shediac.


  • Develop a strategy to encourage people to visit Shediac.

  • Develop an innovative and interactive concept.

  • Create a marketing campaign that encourages engagement of the target market.

  • Execute the concept using marketing supports, such as a website, graphics and videos.

Peach Marketing, in collaboration with Big Bright Sun Communications, therefore wanted to create a concept that would allow the consumer to play a fun and engaging role in the campaign itself. The result: an interactive quiz titled "What Kind of Lobster Are You?" Which would guide the user through five questions. Since lobster is crucial to the Town of Shediac, our team has developed 10 types of lobsters that represent different generally defined personalities. By answering the quiz questions, the consumer is matched with one of the types of lobsters which are linked to one of the ten destination pages. With each landing page designed specifically for the visitor, we've created ten specific videos that represent each character as well as the “Explore the attractions we found for you!” call to action. This leads to a database with multiple attractions so the user can start booking activities to experience while on vacation.

Creative Solution

The town of Shediac is called the Lobster Capital, and this remains true for an obvious reason. It goes without saying that it also remains a small paradise for vacationers during the summer months. In 2019, Experience Shediac approached our team to implement a marketing strategy that would increase the rate of visitor attendance to Shediac during the summer season. However, Peach Marketing was then tasked with developing a website and a marketing campaign aimed at persuading vacationers to choose Shediac as their vacation destination. With our marketing efforts, Experience Shediac has launched a program that allows tourists and locals to determine what type of lobster they are in order to have access to a suggested list of activities and experiences in Shediac.


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