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Mums Ice Cream Cakes

Brand Identity, Video, E-commerce

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Company Description

Having created such popular ice cream cakes, Dairybar Neguac made the leap and approached us to create a brand for their delicious creations. Mums remains one of Atlantic Canada's most renowned ice cream cake companies. The experts at Mums create a variety of flavours using quality, local ingredients to satisfy all taste buds.


  • Develop a brand strategy to create a mark that adequately portrays the brand's values

  • Develop a brand that differentiates Mums' ice cream cakes from their competitors

  • Create a brand image that conveys joy and fun

  • Create marketing materials to increase the visibility of the brand

The name "Mums" was created as a dedication to the three exceptional moms who are at the heart of the ice cream cakes' creation and success. In addition to representing admiration for three significant people, the name also has a direct connection to our product's primary target audience, mothers in general. The decision to use the "u" stems from the word "yum"; we have to admit that this is what comes to mind when we eat a delicious ice cream cake!


In order to stay true to these feelings, we decided to create an image that radiates fun, joy and happiness. Images and colours that reflect these characteristics were chosen for this reason. Furthermore, the slogan symbolically represents the company's core roots: moms. By playing with words, we paid homage to the Mums of Mums as well as to the Mums of the world with the slogan "Mums are always there for you! ”

Creative Solution

Once the brand strategy and identity phases of the project were completed, Peach Marketing was also entrusted to complete the wire-framing, design, and development of the new Shopify website.

Website Redesign

With collaborative strategy sessions, we were able to determine the core pillars of the brand and refine them to bring together the most fundamental elements of the project. This information is necessary to define the personality of the brand, its visual aspects, its voice and its act.

Defining the Brand

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