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JessEm Tools

Brand Identity, Video, E-commerce

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Company Description

Providing quality tools to woodworker since 1997, the JessEm Tool Company’s mission is to continuously inspire the evolution of woodworking and challenge everyone to “raise the bar” to the next level with continuously innovating the tools that facilitates this evolution.


  • Reposition the brand in the market with a bold twist

  • Develop a bold concept that permits the brand to stand out

  • Execute the concept using marketing mediums, such as a website, graphics and videos

  • Create awareness about the brand

  • Reach new markets

  • Disrupt the industry with innovative content

When it comes to boldness, JessEm does not shy away. When our team suggested a new bold concept, the team at JessEm was onboard from the very start.


First, we decided not to create major changes to the logo since brand recognition was already starting to gain momentum. Instead, we decided to incorporate an emblem, a so-called icon, to the existing logo while making minor adjustments to the word mark. But, ultimately, the greatest focus shifted to communicating directly to consumers, rather than to distributors.


Essentially, our team proposed a concept that had not been widely explored by the type of industry in question: to include cinematic components. The main idea was to distance ourselves from the corporate image and reorient towards a more dramatic, moody image. In order to achieve this goal, the style of photography and videography mirrored this image by using specific colours and distinct practices.

Creative Solution

Once the brand strategy and identity phases of the project were completed, Peach Marketing was also entrusted to complete the wire-framing, design, and development of the new Shopify website.

Website Redesign

With collaborative strategy sessions, we were able to determine the core pillars of the brand and refine them to bring together the most fundamental elements of the project. This information is necessary to define the personality of the brand, its visual aspects, its voice and its act.

Defining the Brand

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