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Company Description

Garneau is one of the leading brands in the sporting industry in Canada. Known for their high quality cycling gear, they set themselves apart with their patented technologies.

X-Comfort is a technology that allows your feet to expand in the cycling shoe while pedalling, thus reducing numbness and discomfort.

As an effort to increase shoe sales in 2022, they wanted to promote their technologies through a variety of video content.

Creative Solution

In order to increase sales, a brand can’t only rely on its features; they need to create an emotion around the product. That being said, we needed to find a way to incorporate both those elements in order to get more eyes on their products.

Our solution was to create a video that would showcase a mix of studio videography, and action shots, in order to:
- Put the emphasis on the features

- Inspire the potential customer

We know how the human attention span is short. By switching the shots from dynamic close-ups in the studio to the fast pace road cycling scenes, we were able to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video.

Part of this social media push also included multiple photo posts.

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