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Peach Marketing - Expedition Acadie
Peach Marketing - Expedition Acadie

Expedition Acadie

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Peach Marketing - Expedition Acadie

Company Description

Experience Acadie remains one of the pioneers in Acadian tourism. This organization is constantly looking to encourage people to visit one of the 6 Acadian regions in Atlantic Canada by showcasing the beauty, the businesses, and the heartwarming Acadian people.


  • Develop a secondary identity for the initiative. 

  • Elaborate a strategy to encourage the local market to visit their own region.

  • Develop a unique and innovative concept.

  • Reach the local market and create a feeling of pride.

  • Develop a community initiative based on support.

Peach Marketing - Expedition Acadie
Peach Marketing - Expedition Acadie

It's difficult to promote the beauty of the six Acadian destinations to the rest of the world, with a global pandemic that stopped nearly all activities. We had to think differently, and figure out another angle to attack the situation, and find a solution, encouraging people within the regions to travel in the Atlantic bubble. This challenge was accepted with enthusiasm.


The beauty of our part of the world can't be denied.  Expedition Acadie is a brand we created in order to raise awareness, to make tourists and locals, aware of the beauty of the Acadian destinations of Atlantic Canada.  Our team recruited the Prince de l'Acadie, Julien Robichaud, to film six episodes, showcasing the beauty of each region. 

Creative Solution

In order to captivate the audience's attention, we had to create a plot twist at the very beginning of the first episode. Julien was supposed to do a road trip across America, but got turned around at the borders because of the pandemic.  This situation forced him to rethink his whole plan, and settle for a road trip in the Maritimes.  Throughout the 6 episodes, there's an evolution in the character's thoughts.  After seeing all these beautiful destinations, he starts to realize that his own back yard was just as beautiful.


To sell this idea to the audience, we made sure to capture comparison photos throughout the adventure, comparing them with some well known locations all over the world.  Showing the comparisons at the very end of the video allowed us to accentuate our main initiative, which was to create awareness, and promote the idea that we don't need to go far to be surrounded by beauty.

Plot Twist

2020 was particular, because of the worldwide pandemic. With the Acadian destinations relying on tourism to boost the economy in the summertime, Experience Acadie reached out to us, in order to create a concept that would encourage people to travel within the 6 Acadian regions in the Atlantic bubble. This marketing campaign also focused to encourage people to visit their own backyard to help the local businesses that rely on tourism to put some food on the table.


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