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Aquarium NB

Brand Identity, Video, Website

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Company Description

Aquarium NB is a tourist attraction that informs visitors about the marine species that are found in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  It's an experience that allows visitors to learn about the beauty and the complexity of the marine ecosystems.


  • Modernize the brand identity in a creative way.

  • Develop a catchy slogan.

  • Clearly define the mission of the organization.

  • Create awareness towards the targeted audience, by showcasing its unique experience.

  • Attract a new generation of customers

  • Create a marketing campaign, in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • Create marketing assets to improve the brand's visibility including a website and promotional video.

Standing out from the competition, and offering a fun engaging experience are the two main principles for Aquarium NB.  In order to guide us on the right path, our team started by working on the new modernized logo.  The final product was entirely based on the brand attributes that stood out during the strategy sessions.

First of all, the seal has been chosen as the primary symbol, since its activity is one of the most popular the organization has to offer.  The shape of the seal is angled in a way that makes it look like a smile; and fits perfectly with the brand, since the whole AquariumNB experience is based on having fun.  Finally, the colours used, play a big role in the logo creation process.  Instead of using navy blue, which is traditionally used in the world of aquariums, we chose a shade of teal, because it's the colour we see throughout the visit.

Creative Solution

Once the brand strategy and identity phases of the project were completed, Peach Marketing was also entrusted to complete the wire-framing, design, and development of the new website.

Website Redesign

With multiple collaborative strategy sessions, we were able to determine the main pillars of the brand, and refine them to regroup the fundamental elements of the project.  That information was at the core of our strategy, and was extremely important, to define the new brand identity.

Defining the Brand


The mixture between the teal and the secondary colour palettes formed a unique identity system. We also worked on a promotional video that harnessed the new brand voice and visual identity.

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